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The Sticky Crimean Situation: The Modern Day


Ahh Ukraine, if you look near the bottom you will be able to see the “Diamond Peninsula” aka Crimea

       Good day reader! Happy to see you here. If you are new, well then Welcome! Before you read this blog and opinion, you might want to read my welcoming blog. As for now, I am going to continue the story on the Crimean situation. 

      Now I get that a lot has happened since the 90s where I ended up leaving off, but I really do not want to be caught up with history. Long story short, there were some rather important things that happened this millennium in Crimea and the rest of Ukraine, but nothing important enough to talk about and has a direct connection to what just happened recently (that I know off). On to the story now! (Also, last thing, as with anything, the story can really depend with what perspective you look from, so whatever I say may be different from what you think).


Not going to lie, Mr. Yanukovych looks kind of regal in this picture

       So about three months ago, our good friend, Mr. Viktor Yanukovych was the good and corrupt president of Ukraine who’s hand was known for taking Russian Cash. Now Mr. Yakonivich was a really good puppet and leader who did not hurt either his master or his people enough to make them want to kill him. It also helps that quite a bit of the population, mainly the groups from Southern (Crimea) and Eastern Ukraine (all the border states), like Russia. All was pretty good for our friend, great house, nice job, the people did not hate him that much, what else could he ask for?

       And then it happened. Our good and dear puppet was put into a situation where he had to make a choice, go for the money (Russia) and get some of the support, or go for his country and get the majority of the support. The decision itself was rather big and important. The question was; Would you get closer to the European Union and trade more with us, if yes, we will also throw in a loan which can help Ukraine get out its debt, however will also end up jeopardizing all trade with the Russians? Or would you rather go with Russia and as well get a pretty firm ally and trading partner. As you can see, Mr.Yakunovich was stuck, and when a person is stuck, they usually go to money, which unfortunately or not, was Russia.

               And there goes the boom. Many of the Ukrainians were angry as the country was in an economic turmoil and they needed the money pretty bad. Heck a quarter of working Ukraine is under the poverty line, while the president was in his estate with a personal zoo, a sauna, and more than 300 acres of land. So there you have it, three months and a lot of violence/torturing (Mr.Yakonovich is actually under investigation for hurting people in a rather gruesome and horrifying manner) later, they were able to kick the corrupt puppet out and place their own able leader, the speaker Oleksandr Turchynov . All good right?

         Then comes boom #2. Remember those Pro-Russians? The people who thought that hmm, maybe Mr.Yakunovich is a great person and we should be with “Mother Russia”. Well they said that nope, that the acting President is an idiot, and we want to leave. The Crimeans were especially happy as you may have read in my previous article that the Crimeans loved Russia and were trying really hard to join them but just couldn’t get a government that was weak enough to exploit. Well now they found it! With basically half the country still shocked over what happened with the puppet, the fact that the puppet-masters are also really pissed with the turn of events and that there still was no real president, the Pro-Russians saw the opportunity and took it! Now here is the problem, Putin being the smart aleck he is believed that since the Crimeans are mostly Russian speakers, they are technically Russian and therefore should be backed up and protected from all the anti-Russians (like the Tatars). The best part however is when the “West” here’s about this, the already wary suddenly know that Ukraine’s constitution is being violated. I mean obviously they will get worried since “Crimea Invaded by Russia” really does not have a good ring to it.


I really wish it would be this dramatic, then again it would be way to many animals going against the bear

     In summary, it is now basically the Pro-Russians vs. the Anti-Russians right now in Crimea and in fact all of Ukraine the same battle is going on while globally, Kremlin (Russia) is facing off with the EU and NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization).

My opinion for all of this is quite different and I will be talking about my thoughts over this situation next time.


The Sticky Crimean Situation: The History

A Map of Crimea          It is impossible to talk about recent foreign affairs without talking about the Ukraine Situation and unfortunately not everyone understands exactly what is going on. So I feel it is my duty to give readers more information about this rather touchy subject. Before I talk about what happened recently, I feel obliged to give the basic history of the area and will help shed some light over what is going on there. This will be a two-part blog.

       First of all, let’s start off with the basic history which I feel is relevant, and I know there is a lot more in depth stuff then what I am going to say but if I really go there, this page will be as long as all the media articles put together about how Russia is evil (it will be long). So in the time around the 14th Century, the Tatars, a Muslim Sultanate, came and took over Crimea, this will hold a lot more significance later on.
       Hundreds of years later in 1783, Crimea, which is geographically very strategic since it is nice and warm (rare in this part of Europe, good for farming) and it was on the Black Sea (unfrozen ports, access to the Mediterranean and was sort of secluded? AWESOME!), was taken over by the insecure Russians. The Russians had a right to be insecure, I mean all the other big players had nice vacationing spots all over the world, India was Britain, Indonesia was somewhat French and Dutch, Congo was Belgian and so on. And because of this insecurity, Russians alway felt that Crimea was a statement of national pride, a feeling that says this is a part of us; heck they even sent many, many colonists to make it more slavic and therefore have more of a Russian influence, and the great Queen Catherine [the Great] once said that Crimea was forever to be Russian. And so it remained to be part of the great Russian Empire until that faithful day in 1954.
            That was when the “great” First Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union Sergeyvich Krushchev became the great idiot by signing over Crimea to Ukraine (back when they were also part of the Union) illegally and without informing anyone as a gesture of “goodwill.” Unfortunately or fortunately we cannot blame him however because no one expected what would happen in 1991, the Soviet Union collapsed (*gasp) and to make it worse, Ukraine was now a country (*double gasp), and they also claimed Crimea when they broke off (*holy mother of triple gasp).
               Now just before we continue on, I wanted to state a rather important point, remember our neighbourhood Tatars who I said will be important, well now they are of utmost importance. There story is a rather sad one, Joseph Stalin back in the 40s (1940 that is) had deported all the Tatars out cause you know, they were disgusting to the “Western Civilization”. Luckily for them Mikhail Gorbachev let them back in 1989. However, understandable the Tatars were not big fans of the Soviets, and when the Union collapsed and Russia seemed to be the country that tried to be the puppet master, the Tatars hated the Russians and loved the Ukrainians.
Now the last thing to talk about in the history of Crimea is that in 1997 when the Ukrainians were in a massive debt to Russia (over $1 billion US) the Russians and Ukrainians decided to make a deal, the Russians will keep one of their Naval Fleet in Sevastopol, one of the largest Crimean cities until 2017, while the Ukrainians got a 30% discount on oil and natural gas. Seemed pretty good eh? Also, recently the now former president of Ukraine, Yakunovich extended the deal by 25 years!
That concludes the main history part of the two-part article on this rather interesting situation, the second part will consist more of the developments in the more recent history and will also state my opinions over what is happening.